Partners and Sponsors


We want to give “kudos” y gracias to our partners and sponsors. We can´t do it without you!!!

In 2013, we received small grants from the Rufford Conservation Fund and the Western Hummingbird Partnership.  With these grants we are able to conduct research to help fill data gaps about the use and condition of coastal habitats along the Pacific Coast of Baja California Sur, educate the local youth, and raise awareness to local communities for conservation.

Rufford Small Grants Conservation Fund

Western Hummingbird Partnership


Ecology Project International

MoRe en CABO

Todos Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA)

To learn about being a sponsor for a student or a partner to our work to promote ecological and cultural conservation in Baja California Sur through education and responsible travel, please contact us.

Local students and ranchers need us to light the way.

The turtle and extinct indigenous cultures want us to be their voice.

Get involved!  Join an expedition or contact us how you can get involved with our work.

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