Get Involved!


Thank you!  Your nest adoption helps us to generate funds for the following priorities of 2013:

  1. Maintenance of our 4×4 marine turtle patrol vehicles
  2. Local student sponsorship at the ASUPMATOMA marine turtle research station
  3. Travel expenses to and from the marine turtle research station

Thank you for your contribution

Below are the sponsorship levels and benefits:

Egg sponsor: $5 or more – receive end of season results

Hatchling sponsor: $20 or more – receive end of season information and a photo of a hatchling sea turtle, suitable for framing.

Nest sponsor: $45 or more –  a nest donated into your name and receive the information about the nest: number of eggs, number of hatchlings, date laid and date hatched, and photo of hatchlings

Turtle Sponsor – $100 or more – receive a nest sponsor level benefits and a t-shirt from ASUPMATOMA.

Coastal Dune sponsor – $500 or more – receive turtle sponsor level and a night for two at turtle camp to patrol with local expert marine biologists, relocate nests to a protective nursery, and release the babies in the morning.

Ocean sponsor – $5000 or more – receive all the benefits above AND a three night stay for two people at the cliffside Los Colibrís boutique hotel, in the historic art village of Todos Santos, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Enter the amount and any comment you wish in the secure PayPal account that goes directly to our organization:  Marine Turtle Conservation Fund.  Thanks!


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