Marine Turtle Field Station 2014

Are you a student or recent graduate planning ahead for summer 2014?

ProFaunaBaja, in coordination with ASUPMATOMA (Association for the Protection of the Environment and Marine Turtles), is looking for interns and volunteers for the next nesting season.  asupmatoma-logo

You can volunteer or intern for a minimum of 1 week, up to 4 weeks.  The cost is $250 per week and we provide round trip ground transportation from the airport to the field station, your own comfy cot in a shared Coleman tent, so large you can stand up and dance in it, and all your meals while at the field station. You and the biologists at camp will share cleaning, cooking, and well water pumping duties.   You will receive an orientation in English by a U.S. wildlife biologist and receive a protocol manual in English.

Your responsibilities include: 

  • Nightly patrol with an ASUPMATOMA biologist
  • Nest relocation to a protective hatchery
  • Beach profiles and coastal dune transects
  • Data collection, entry, and analysis
  • Nest cleaning and hatching releases
  • Public presentations to visitors in English or Spanish
  • Shared cleaning, cooking, and maintenance of facilities

Requirements and benefits:

  • Able to walk 8 kilometers in soft beach sand at a constant pace
  • Able to work at night for up to 8 hours at one time
  • Withstand heat conditions over 35C and wind conditions of 40 knots or more
  • There is no internet access but cell phone service is available.
  • A landline is available for use to call your Engkish-speaking mentor
  • Interns (three weeks) will have a dataset to graph and create a final report
  • A certificate of accomplishment  and letter of recommendation will be provided upon completion.



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